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I’m supposed to be cooking brats (that is, bratwursts–not naughty children).

Before I do, I just want to recommend an Independence Day activity for anyone who has time left tonight before or after fireworks or that backyard/lakeside grilling of meat: read the Declaration.

We spent this day with my family at the farm in MI where I grew up and where my brother-in-law and nephew now make a living from a herd of about 140 dairy cows.  On the way there, as we drove up I-69, I read aloud to Michael the statement of our independence from the mother country, declared 232 years ago this week. 

I don’t do this every year, but I felt the need to this year of all years.  As we stand on the threshold of choosing yet another leader of our nation, we hear many versions of what this country stands for.  I wanted to hear it again from the roots up.

I’ve got to go cook those brats, but please–if you get the chance, read the Declaration.  If you can read it aloud without a lump coming into your throat when you get to the last few lines, then take time to look up the info on the signers of that document. 

God Bless America!

(The same booklet which contained the Declaration also had in it Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address.  That one’s not bad either, if you’re looking for stirring words.)


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