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Why I Don’t Have Words

The answer is simple:  I am using them elsewhere.

Over an impromptu supper with friends last Sunday night, the infrequency of blog posts came up.  I bemoaned the fact that I had not posted on either of my blogs since January.

“You’re using up your words with your students.”

That insightful statement was very freeing.  I have loved being part of the blogging world ever since I began out of a desire to stay connected with my daughter Ellen during her semester abroad in Spain in 2005.  I have loved the regular exercise of writing for someone else to read.  I have loved the process of taking advantage of midnight quiet or early morning musings to turn thoughts into words.  I have cherished the interaction between fellow bloggers and myself, and have met new friends along the way.  I have felt sad about not blogging…and sometimes a little guilty, although, really, that was not at all necessary.

But last fall I returned to teaching.  I had not been in a formal school classroom as the instructor for 25 years.  My lifestyle changed almost totally from being a stay-at-home mom and wife to being a working woman.  During the time I was not teaching, I was preparing to teach.  And all of that activity used up my words.

I still have ideas.  These days they are flowing out through words to students.

They also flow out in tinier chunks to friends on Facebook.  I am not a Facebook voyeur like some people I know.  There are those who say, “I read my friends’ posts, but never comment.”  I cannot listen to the conversation without being part of it.  So, there go some more words, everyday.  And it is okay.

Then, there are the people I love, the nears and dears.  There are words for them too. Lots of words these days, as life hustles by almost faster than we can turn our heads to catch a glimpse of where it’s going.  Children’s lives changing, our lives changing as a couple, questions being asked that we’ve never asked before.  And all of these circumstances take words.

So, tonight, it seems I have a few words for here, in the wee hours of the morning while I wait for the dryer buzzer to signal the last load of dry clothes before bedtime.  But, now the buzzer just buzzed…and, it is a good thing.

No    more    words   today…


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