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What do you think about rewards for children at church?  We give trophies and points and gift certificates and prizes for all kinds of activities done under the church roof–bringing friends to activities, memorizing Bible verses, bringing Bibles along with us to Sunday school, even for just being there (I grew up in an era when, at the end of my childhood days, I had a long string of pins and add-ons that I’d been given for “perfect attendance” at Sunday school). 

There is something motivating about the prize–the ribbon, the medal, the trophy, the points.  (We’ve just spent two weeks watching grown-ups from around the world who have given it all for the gold, the silver, and the bronze.)  And that, presumably, is why we offer  rewards or incentives to those to Sunday school kids.  I’m not against it, even though we live in an age when competition is a dirty word in some arenas.  Actually,  I don’t really see the kind of thing I’m asking about here as competition; competition is what we do, in a friendly way, among the Bible quiz teams that I’m involved with as a coach.  This thing I’m talking about is definitely more in the realm of motivation and incentive. 

So, that’s enough to go on–this is probably not a totally foreign subject to anyone reading this, so you know of what I speak.  But, in the church, what should be the guiding principle(s) when it comes to “awards”?  If you can give a bottom line–or a pseudo bottom line, that which we should NOT be striving for–I’d like to hear it.


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