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Are there things you’d say/have said through your fingers at the keyboard putting words on the screen that you’d never say to someone’s dear face?

I just finished replying to an email that was a solicited critique of a brochure I’d put together for a ministry area at church. I could feel the “It’s mine!” (foot stomping here) “Give it to me!” (snatch!) of the me-centered response of a little child rise up in me as I shaped my counterwords in reply.  I believe I was able to be gracious, put that uprisng of spirit in its place, and grant (and follow through with) some of the changes suggested by my cohort, at the same time explaining a bit more why I felt some of the original bits should remain as they are.  Because I have a good working relationship with the person on the other end, I’m pretty sure we will end up with a fine brochure that reflects the best evaluation of two minds and two sets of eyes.

However, that little rebel within nags at me.  I admit there are times that I have plunked! out! an email! reply! in anger! or self-defense! that–thankfully–I have held overnight, only to delete entirely or mostly the next day to be replaced by cooler, more measured, less self-focused, less defensive sentiments.  In those moments, I have been thankful that I’ve learned the power of words and have learned–in a few instances, the hard way–that they should not be thrust as daggers into hearts we care about, but rather laid gently as petals or weighty jewels around those same hearts. 

I see the danger of only having that screen before me as my words go forth.  Maybe I should place the photo before me of the one who will be on the receiving end of every word I type–or at least be sure that face is clearly in my mind’s eye as I picture the email opened. 

(And, then, there’s the deeper root matter of dealing with that little rebel within…another post?)


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