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In general, I talk too much. 

“Too much” is a relative term.  Sometimes, it is too much in comparison with the amount others have a chance to contribute to a conversation.  Sometimes, it is too much about one subject or happening.  Sometimes, it is too much relative to the amount of listening I do.

In the past twenty-four hours, I have made it a point to listen as well as talk, especially to some little kids who live in my neighborhood.  By talking just a little bit and listening more, this is what I’ve heard:

Christian’s mom has cancer in her leg, which is why she stays in bed and watches Tom and Jerry.  (I wondered why I had seen the Cancer Services van unloading a bed there several months ago.  Why didn’t I go down there and risk being labeled a nosy neighbor by asking if anyone needed anything, since I’d noticed the van?)

Christian was sick in the night, which is why he didn’t come to 5-Day Club today (I guess he’s okay now, judging by the number of times he’s been seen around the block on his bike and at my side door this afternoon. 🙂 )

It’s a relief to the babysitter uncle for his two older charges, Elizabeth and Clarence, to spend an hour of their mornings at 5-Day Club this week.  (That one was listening between the lines.  Do you think “That will give them something to do” might have another translation?)

Hmmm…I guess I didn’t hear as much as I thought I may have.  However, maybe that’s all I can handle right now.  Almost everytime I really listen, I will need to act.  I, and a bunch of other people I’ve been spending the last few Wednesday nights in company with at some training at my church, have been challenged to ask God to help us see what He sees and hear what He hears as we interact with people.  I’m pretty sure the answer to that prayer is going to ask for some kind of response from me.

God, help me not just to be a talker or a hearer or even a just a listener, but a doer–a lover in Jesus’ name. Yes, yes indeed.


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