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I guess that’s an allusion to westerns, eh?  (I’m a Jane Austen kind of gal.)  But I think I know what it means–removing myself from the location for a reason, hiding away for refuge or safety or a break from the action.

That’s what we did on Friday, Michael and I.  Friday morning was the final period punctuating nearly eight months of knowing that the job was coming to an end.  After his exit interview at TUFW, we made our way northward to Potawatomi Inn in Pokagon State Park,  about a 45-minute drive from home.  We took advantage of  gorgeous weather to hike, read outdoors, and watching hummingbirds.  We accepted the invitation of the board and pieces lying out in a commons room and played two games of after-breakfast checkers on Saturday morning.  (If our kids read this, I”m sure it will conjure up pictures of Grampa and Granny playing late-night Yahtzee together at their kitchen table.)  We talked—lots.  Our time away renewed our hearts for one another, refreshed our spirits, cleared our vision.

Rejuvenation, relaxation–those are my best words for the weekend getaway.

And I have learned something about myself over the last few years, relative to those things truly happening in my life.

I need a blank slate.  No agenda, no schedule, no kids, no computer.  There is something about having the wide open circle without the boundaries of those things that keep us on track on a normal day that allows for the freeing of my heart, soul, and body that I desperately need from time to time–and usually don’t realize until the opportunity is there.

Funny thing is, in the past probably ten years or so, I can only pinpoint about five times that that has really happened—-Or, maybe that’s not funny.

But the point is not to debate it.  The point is to recognize the need for rejuvenation and the conditions that make it happen.  And then, to seek those out.  (My blogger friend Jim Hughes talks about this from time to time at his place Difficult Seasons…someday I will learn how to publish a link in my posts with out Zach being here to help me; meanwhile, just go there and find Jim’s posts in the past couple of weeks that deal well with this topic.)  I think we need to do it on a way more regular basis than once every year or two.

(I should add here that I have learned, over the years, how to take mini-vacations throughout my days.  I no longer feel guilty about stopping in the middle of a day for a planned break–or even sometimes the serendipitous one (serendipity is a hard one for me)–just to refresh and recharge.  But, just as you can’t exist forever on power snacks, so you can’t go on indefinitely on the mini-recharges either.)

Do you need to “get out of Dodge”?


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