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Foreigners.  Expatriates.

An expatriate is one who is not living in his homeland.  According to the dictionary, fine shades of this word’s meaning allow for that status to be by choice or by forced exile. 

We are foreigners in that we are strangers in this place in which we live.  We don’t usually act like it.  We act like we are rooted and grounded and almost part of the soil–we even talk about it that way, about our “roots”. 

But really, this is not our true home, the home we were made for. 

We were made for Eden.

That’s the place where the first humans walked and talked with their Maker in perfect, intimate harmony.  In the fresh, new, nothing-yet-spoiled world, that was their daily agenda. 

Then came the day when all of that changed.  That perfectly harmonious, in-sync relationship became totally opposite.  By choosing to make up their own game rules rather than following the “owner’s manual”, Adam and Eve lost their chance at Eden.  They were literally forced from that place of perfection, into a world that would never be quite the same–weeds, pain, frustrated desires.  That became the replacement daily agenda.

At one of those funerals I attended last week, I heard the pastor say, quoting from the Bible, “…our citizenship is in heaven.”  I wrote down in my funeral notes the word “expatriate”. 

We have never lived in our true home, the place God created us to live in–we call it heaven.  It is so because it is God’s home and He made us to be with Him. 

But sin–choosing to do life the opposite of God’s way, choosing to disregard the “owner’s manual” we have in God’s Word–separated the first man from his home.  It still separates people from their true home with God. 

So here we are, expatriates of sorts, waiting the return to our true home. Jesus, the Son of the Creator, said he was the Way. 

I’m glad my friends who died had found that Way. 

Their status has changed.

Expatriates no more.



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