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There’s this really nice feeling right at my center.

Oh, life is very busy these days.  With the new semester only two weeks young, everything in my life related to Ivy Tech still has that fresh feeling…and the scurry that goes with it.  The “boys” are busy.  Between school and work for all, I hardly see my sons these days.  Weekends have been filled with friends and activities of late.  The job hunt continues for Michael.  The continuous stream of life flows on with a strong, swift current, touching the shore at various connecting places where the people I love are standing.

In the middle of it all there is a still place.

For a long time I have been very restless in the inner places.  That stir still comes and goes, but it is not the constant state of things these days.  There is a quiet place that feels right, that feels good.  It is like one big, long, drawn-out “A-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-hhhhhhhh.”  It’s like the feeling you get after a long day on your feet when you can finally release your toes from the confinement of shoes.  It’s like those nights when you crawl between the cool sheets and stretch every muscle, then relax and you just have to give a few happy groans because all the tension of the day melts down into the mattress and disappears, leaving the dead weight of your now-not-tense body to rejuvenating slumber.

Only–it’s way better than that.

I label it “peace”.  And because there are so many reasons for me not to have a place for peace, I know it can only come from one Source.

And, I say, “Thank you.”


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