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Holy Week Haiku

(This post first appeared at www.xanga.com/mavan on April 01, 2007.)

Palm branches waving
King-welcoming cheers today
Hosannas won’t last

Tables overturned
True worshipers understand
Anger of the Lamb

Will He take the bait?
Jesus answers only love
No more questions now

Judas’ heart gives in
Thirty silver blood-drenched coins
Buy a traitor’s kiss

Upper room ready
Servant washing; bread and wine
Remember My Work

Agonizing prayer
Traitor friend with angry mob
Betrayal, arrest

Calling curses down
Denying Peter fears them
Winces–rooster crows

Can we accuse Him?
Reasons never good enough
Blasphemy or Truth?

Innocent to me
I wash my hands of him–Cru-
-ci-fy!  Cru-ci-fy!

Cruel soldiers mock
Crown of thorns pressed down, bleeding
Only beginning

Heavy wooden cross
Love steps weighed down by world sins
Simon carries wood

Nails pierce loving hands
Miracle-performing hands
Short on miracles?

Come down, King Jesus
You saved others, save yourself
Love trumps agony

Father turns His back
Holiness weeps–cannot look
Son alone to die

Thirst-parched, breath squeezed out
Spirit given up–it’s done
Trades His life for mine

Loving friends remove
Body in a cold dark cave
Sabbath sorrowing

Stone-sealed guard is set
Can’t risk one more deception
–No match for vict’ry!

First day is dawning
Women bear spices perfume
Angelquake! Empty!

Tomb’s mouth speaks life words
Death has no prey in this rock
Promise kept–He lives!

Fear turns into joy
Women run to startled ears:
Death tried–Love triumphed

Garden meeting proves
Emmaus road show and tell
Opened eyes see Him

One who can’t believe
Guess who’s come to dine Thomas
Believe those red scars

Lakeside fish breakfast
Recommissioning time, Pete
Follow–feed my sheep

Good News for all men
Cloud taxi to God’s right hand
Wanted:  Disciples

One holy week then
One Holy Life forever
My forever life


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